Snack Smart Brading / Interactive / Website

Byron & Jill Happy Together Illustration / Webstie / Interactive

Stashtea Company Rebrading Branding / Website

What I Am Capable Of


- Branding -

By begining with research and analysis, I am able not only to create beautiful visuals of the brands but also to tell the story about its spirit and essence.

Web Design

- Web Design -

I am a front-end web designer who knows about developing and consider it when designing the visuals, which helps the workflow of developing.

Print Design

- Print Design -

I am able to deisgn printed works, no matter strong visual for posters or hierarchyly organized layout. Because great idea works everywhere.


- Illustration -

I usually start a project from pencil and paper, doodling and illustrating. I believe that with the personal style, illustration adds spices to the design.

Process, Life & Inspiration

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